Frequently Asked Questions:

How should I begin workout/Exercise?

Before you begin workout, you need to ask yourself what your Goal is. When you know what your goal is and why are you working out, you can easily use the app to follow up the videos built in the app training section to workout. You will be able to achieve your desired goal by following the correct exercise plan, diet and proper sleep. Just set your goal and get started by creating your own custom workout plan by addding your favourate exercises or get our professionally made workout plan from the workout section

What workout plan should I follow?

The workout plan to follow depends on your desired goal. Ask yourself what you want to become and what target body do you want to have. You may have a goal to be a bodybuilder, or fatloss, fitness, power lifter, get lean or anything you want. When you know your goal, just get a workout plan and follow it.

What is the use of utilities section?

To get insights about your own body and health, Utility section might be of great use. Use utilities provided to get your BMI, Calories, Protein requirements, Fat % and more. Get to know your statistics and then plan accordingly for your workouts.

What diet plan should I follow?

You can refer to the diet plan section to find about diet and eating plans, if you cant find the section then we will soon add diet plans. We also send daily notification regarding diet, eating, health, bodybuilding, fatloss, suppliments and much more.

I want ___ Body or I have ___ Problem. What should I do?

When you know clearly what you want and what problems you want to get solved, then all you need to do is get an appropriate workout/diet plan for yourself and get started. You can send us an email through feedback/premium guidance in order to get professional help. We will be happy to help you. :)

Where to get help and support?

Just send us an email through feedback option or mail us directly at

How to turn of Notification?

Visit the settings section and there will be switches to turn off all kinds of notification

What is premium package?

Premium package gives you unlimited access to everything in the app. It will unlock every workout plan, diet plans, remove ads, provide premium guidance and much much more.

How to buy premium?

Get premium by clicking on the premium badge in the plans section/more section and follow up the procedure. After successfully completing the purchase, the premium will be activated instantly.

What is Ads free version?

Ads free version will have absolutely no advertisement in the app.

How to get Ads free version?

Get ads free purchase by clicking on the remove ads button in the more section and follow up the procedure. After successfully completing the purchase, all the ads will be permanently removed from the app.

How to get request return/refund a purchase?

To request for refund or return a purchase, just send us a mail requesting a refund.

How to contact or give feedback?

use the send feedback option or just mail us directly at alternatively, you can rate us and leave your feedback on playstore.